A good day for water birds…

It took a while for the rain to turn to snow this morning, so I didn’t get into Estabrook until 10am. Happily, must critters were still up at that late hour, and I got to see quite a few. Conditions continue to be suboptimal for photography, however, so let’s see what images I managed to scrounge up.

Right off the bat, near the very south end, I was thrilled to spot again our great blue heron, who’s been absent for a while since it first reappeared for the season back in March. I don’t know what it’s been up to in the meantime, nest building in some near-by rookery, we can hope, but welcome back anyway!

Farther north, I found our two new celebrities, the pair of visiting black-crowned night-herons, perched right where I left them yesterday.

I’m sure I’ll get tired of them eventually, but today was not that day.

As I approached the north end, I couldn’t believe my luck to finally get a clear shot of one of the elusive hermit thrushes that I knew had to be around somewhere.

At the north end, the quintet of red-breasted mergansers were still busy fishing along with one pair of buffleheads. Meanwhile, one pair of wood ducks was on the pond along with the nesting goose and her guardian gander.

On my way south, I spotted this little eastern phoebe surveying its soggy domain.

While a northern flicker, a female by the looks of her unmustachioed face, did the same from a high perch.

Finally, the black-crowned night herons were still in their spot on my second pass, and here’s the second of the two from across the river.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I finally spot one of the warblers that folks are beginning to report.

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