Something new and something old…

Although this morning was gorgeous, I couldn’t get to Estabrook until almost lunchtime today. Happily, there were still all kinds of sights to see, and I’d like to lead you off with the newest arrival at the pond, Mrs. Red-winged Blackbird, here to see what the boys have been up to while she was away. Somebody had better have some good territory staked out.

Also at the pond, I was thrilled to see this brown creeper creeping up something other than grey tree bark for a change.

Here’s a creeper from yesterday, also by the pond so it could be the same individual, whom I caught mid-hop with its landing gear up.

At the river today, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I glanced at the far shore because these two looked at first like one huge bird. Nevertheless, finding two turkey vultures perched together like this is a first for me in Estabrook.

Here’s a nice mourning dove image I held over from yesterday morning.

After being absent yesterday morning, one of the black-crowned night-herons was back in its spot along the river.

Lastly, the crocuses are starting to bloom by the pond.

Oh, before I forget, when I got home from school today, Anne had another newspaper article for me. This one is about European starlings and describes a paper by assistant professor John MacNeill Miller and Lauren Fugate at Allegheny College, which questions the long-standing story that starlings were introduced to North America by Eugene Schieffelin in 1890 to complete the set of birds mentioned by William Shakespeare.

Here’s a link to the paper in Environmental Humanities, in case you’re really interested.

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  1. Hi Andrew, It’s been a long time; almost 2.5 months. Much pain in February, spine surgery in March and recovery now. I have literally 2.5 months of your Signs of Life emails to look at. FUN to see the turkey vultures!

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