A fine “Tot ziens!”

It was another fine morning in Estabrook park, a bit cloudy at first, but nice and sunny soon enough. Plus, the air was nice and still, so the bugs were up, and the birds were after them.

I had received two hot tips yesterday about recent mink sightings, so I hit those spots first, but the little stinkers have eluded me yet again, so I still have no new mink pictures for you. Instead, this little rascal, a young-looking red squirrel, was keeping two eyes on me as I searched in vain for the mink, so here you go.

I stopped by the pond, in hopes that maybe some ducklings would have arrived, now that the goslings have all moved on, but I didn’t see any yet. There were several wood ducks, however, and I thought it would be fitting to take a final wood duck picture, seeing as how that’s what set this whole thing off in the first place. The sun was shining by then, and I did get some nice poses from the drakes, but I like this candid moment between a hen and her drake better.

On my way to the river, I spotted this Canada warbler rustling up some breakfast.

And while we’re looking at warblers, here’s a blackburnian warbler from yesterday.

And a red-eyed vireo from yesterday.

Out on the river, I did see two sets of goslings but no ducklings today. Instead, here’s a green heron from this morning.

And another from yesterday.

The other big surprise from the river yesterday, besides all the ducklings, was this yellowlegs foraging with the sandpipers on the recently re-exposed rocks and gravel. I’ve only ever seen them once before and not nearly this close.

Here it is again being photobombed by a blue-winged teal drake. See if you can spot the culprit.

Here’s the teal all by himself in a better pose.

Finally, there’s one last surprise from yesterday, if you can believe it. As I was on my way home, with a huge smile on my face from the ducklings, the baby raccoons, etc., I could not believe my luck to spot this handsome devil out in the open in broad daylight and closer than I’ve ever been allowed before.

And, lest you think that’s a menacing look, and I was in grave danger, here’s what it did next, once I sat down.

This, I will sorely miss.

If I’m too panicked about preparing to ship out on Wednesday to visit Estabrook again tomorrow, I’ll drop you a line when I arrive “across the pond“.

Published by Andrew Dressel

Theoretical and Applied Bicycle Mechanic, and now, apparently, Amateur Naturalist. In any case, my day job is teaching mechanics at UWM.

9 thoughts on “A fine “Tot ziens!”

  1. We’re going to miss you and your ‘light on’ Estabrook Park A LOT! Safe travels and lots of fun adventures.


  2. Safe travels, Andrew. Have a wonderful year. I look forward to whatever you post from the Netherlands. I have learned so much from your Estabrook posts. I just have little brown birds in my Shorewood yard. I now know they are not all the same!

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  3. Have a nice trip and a great year in the Netherlands. Please, when you can, keep us happy with Dutch pics! : )


  4. Thanks for all your exquisite pictures, adroit commentary, and persistence. Best wishes across the pond.


  5. Bon Voyage, Andrew. You’re going to have a great year and accomplish wonderful things for the environment and all of us bicyclists! Stay in touch if you can.

    With affection, Jean Gurney


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