Leftovers from the weekend…

I still have some pictures left over from the weekend, so I thought I’d put them into a post, and I’m happy to report that I think we’ve got another new bird hiding in the mix. As ebird so aptly states, it’s “rather retiring, like most [old world] warblers,” but this sure sounds like the little cutie below: “plumage brownish overall with bright rusty wings; grayer head has narrow whitish eyering and sets off white throat.” The location is right, too, and I certainly haven’t seen such a white throat before, so I’m gonna go with common whitethroat (Curruca communis), and now I’ll be on the lookout for an image with the throat all puffed out.


Meanwhile, this little acrobat looks like another willow warbler, but not quite as yellow as last time.


This one, at last, is an easy identification with that magnificent tail, tiny black beak, and hint of a bright yellow eyebrow: another long-tailed tit.


As I was trying to get pictures of all these little birds, I was surprised to see and hear this female great spotted woodpecker, with no red on her head at all, swoop in for just a moment to check out that tiny branch, and then swoop right back out again.


Here’s a buddy of the tufted duck I showed you on Sunday, but who either lost, doesn’t yet have, or has opted not to flaunt, his tuft.


Finally, this appears to be a slightly roughed up male meadow brown butterfly.


I’ll keep sifting, but that’s what I have for now.

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