Ducks and more ducks…

I don’t have any good words for you this weekend, but I did go out into the countryside for the therapeutic effect anyway, and now I’ve got these pictures burning a hole in my pocket, so here you go.

In addition to the hybridized mallards I already showed you earlier this month, the so-called “Mallard (Domestic type)”, I am starting to see more pure-bred-looking mallards, perhaps newly arrived from their breeding grounds in northern Scandinavia and Iceland for a milder winter.


There are still many gadwalls around, and this drake was kind enough to show off his surprisingly-clean undercarriage, given the muck he’s standing on.


The number of tufted ducks seems to be growing, and I counted an even dozen this morning.


I saw a hand-full of shoveler hens, but no drakes, yet.


I was thrilled to get another chance to capture a decent green-winged teal portrait, though there is still room for improvement. They are nearly as shy as they are striking.


Finally, I’m starting to see some wigeon drakes sporting their full faux mohawks. I don’t know if they are growing back in, or haven’t been lost to the Autumn molt yet, but that’s a sharp-looking bird either way.


I’ve got some more, but I suspect you know the drill by now…

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