A fine homecoming…

What an absolutely gorgeous November morning for a walk in Estabrook Park, with crystal blue skies, frost on the fallen leaves, and crisp, still air quickly warming in the bright sun. Even better, the critters came out to enjoy it with me.

As I approached the underpass that connects the Oak Leaf Trail to the path along the edge of the bluff, I spotted a pair of deer, and here’s the one willing to let me take a picture.


In the bushes beside the pond, I was thrilled to see that at least one gray catbird has not yet flown to the Gulf coast for the winter.


Meanwhile, on the water right behind the catbird, a hand-full of wood ducks was busy preening after their morning swim.


Down by the river, a goldfinch was just soaking up the sun.


Just upstream, on a branch over the river, this great blue heron was preening while it warmed.


On a tree over the northern island, a young bald eagle, perhaps hatched just this summer, was content to watch the Canada geese and mallards foraging on the river below and let me take this portrait.


A murder of crows, however, was less than thrilled about the situation and tried but failed to urge it along its way. The eagle simply seemed to ignore them, and they soon gave up and moved on.


Lastly, a belted kingfisher was kind enough to perch in front of some colorful foliage that has not yet dropped for the season.


South Holland is great and all, and I sure am lucky to have the opportunity to be there, but it sure is great to be back, too, even if only for a week.

Published by Andrew Dressel

Theoretical and Applied Bicycle Mechanic, and now, apparently, Amateur Naturalist. In any case, my day job is teaching mechanics at UWM.

6 thoughts on “A fine homecoming…

  1. Welcome back, Andy! It is great to see you are in Estabrook Park again for a bit. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday night!

    Take care,


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  2. Well gosh, Andy, I’m so glad to hear you are back in town for a very short time, and that you were able to slip into Estabrook Park while you are here.

    Please know that I enjoy reading all your posts from the Netherlands. A real treat to hear how bird wildlife compares or not to our own in Estabrook Park.

    I hope you really are developing a new kind of bicycle there in the Netherlands. The world needs what you are doing. And many of us here at home need to hear from you about bird/mammal sightings and to hear how the less human world thrives without us. Thank you so much for keeping me in touch with that world.

    All best wishes,

    Jean G.

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