Big and small…

After I got home from Estabrook yesterday, I got a cryptic message on the facebook that mentioned “saw-whet”, and then I saw on ebird that someone reported seeing a northern saw-whet owl (Aegolius acadicus) in our very own park, so I hustled right back over there. Then, as I was methodically checking the trees by the pond, I even got a text message which helped me narrow my search, and here’s the result of all that excitement: the smallest owl in eastern North America. In the picture below, from yesterday, it appears to be looking over its right shoulder, and you can just make out its dark right eye and its beak.


I had hopes of getting a better image this morning, but the skies were just as dark as yesterday, and the little stinker wouldn’t even face our way today. Oh well.


Anyway, elsewhere in the park, the great horned owl, the largest owl in all of North America, was back in its regular spot but a little less buried in the sticks than last time. What are the chances of seeing both owls on the same day, right?


Finally, the male kingfisher was back to fishing in the river from the northern island.


Anne and I fly south this afternoon, and I don’t know if I’ll have anything for you by tomorrow, but I’ll be sure to show you if I do.

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