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Anne and I had a wonderful time in Slovenia, and yesterday she flew back to Shorewood while I flew back to Delft. I had hardly any jetlag to speak of, largely due to staying in the same time zone for the entire trip, so I got out the door bright and early at sunrise this morning, 8:11 am, and I was greeted by a beautiful, sunny day. I counted 17 species of bird on my walk to work, including a falcon back in the six-o’clock slot.

Work was fine, and it was great to see everyone again, but on my walk home for lunch I was stunned to encounter two Egyptian geese, probably the same two I’ve been seeing on campus all “winter”, with four brand-new goslings! Holy early-bird, Batman!

Here’s the entire sextet.


Here’s a close-up of just mama and her rug rats.


Finally, here are two cutie pies starting to go down for their afternoon nap.


Now I know what some of you are thinking. First, this is a non-native species in Europe with “self-sustaining populations … mostly derived from escaped ornamental birds.” Second, it is February, frickin’ 8th, and that’s just too darn soon.

On the other hand, and please hear me out, they are GOSLINGS!

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