Weekend Wrapup

Besides all the new birds I saw yesterday or was finally able to photograph for the first time, there were plenty of old favorites around, too. While I was checking out the falcons up on the School of Architecture tower, I noticed a pair of European jays in the tree right over my head. They seemed oblivious to me, which was really odd, until I noticed a third, which suggests they were probably too busy sorting out some kind of love triangle to pay me any attention.


Out on the polder, I was happy to spot a small group of white-fronted geese, whom I haven’t seen recently, and whom I feared had all returned to the tundra already to make more .


Out on the water, I captured my best picture yet of a pintail drake and hen. This is the first time I’ve seen one sporting their namesake “pin tail”. Just last month the drake kept his pointed down toward the water.


I saw my first curlew of the season during the week, when I was just out on a bike ride without my camera, and I was sure glad it stuck around for me to come back and get this picture. Welcome back sweetie!


Here’s another picture of that amazing snipe I first showed you yesterday. I hear they are reported in Estabrook, from time to time, and know that I know where and how to look, I hope to show you some local ones in the future.


Finally, the gray herons, who have been here all winter, are as plentiful as ever, and here’s one from the southeast corner of campus.


I think that’s it from this weekend, and I doubt I’ll have anything to show you during the week, but next weekend I’ve booked a train ride down to Bavaria to visit a buddy, and he promises good alps and good marshes, so I have a hope for some good pictures. Wish me luck!

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