April refuses to concede…

It’s the 32nd day of April, at least according to the weather, and I can only hope that once April makes up for that warm spell we enjoyed about 3 weeks ago, it will let May assume office, and we can commence with spring. 

Anyway, we had a nice surprise visitor in Estabrook this morning. It perched above the far shore of the river at the north end, about 500 feet away from where I stood, so you might not be able to make it out, but I’ll give you a hint. That’s an adult American bald eagle.


And here it goes…


Meanwhile, over the near shore, and nearly over my head, this little tree swallow was probably waiting for the day to warm up enough for the bugs to start flying so it can go catch some breakfast.


Just below the swallow, one of the last remaining white-throated sparrows was hopping around in the brush looking for a breakfast of its own. A week or two ago, they seemed to be everywhere, but most have flown on towards Canada da da da, and this morning I only counted two others besides this one. 


Speaking of singing sparrows, the song sparrows are now announcing their presence regularly throughout the park.


Finally, I spotted my third warbler (after the yellow-rumped and the waterthrush) of the season, this stand-offish little palm warbler. Yay! The spring migration is still on.


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