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Our wifi is out, so I’m borrowing some, and I gotta make this short. There were a ton of birds in Estabrook Park this morning, but the clouds were extra thick, so there wasn’t much light, and the good pictures were few and far between.

At the pond, I was stunned to find not a single goose or duck, probably for the first time since the pond was frozen over, but there was one green heron, and it looked no happier for the solitude.


Here’s a goldfinch enjoying some dandilion seeds.


At the north end, the indigo buntings were singing like crazy, but still in no mood for pictures, so here’s a least flycatcher.


Speaking of flycatchers, the eastern kingbirds have arrived, and here’s one perched just off the tip of the southern island.


We’ve seen a lot of warblers and vireos lately, but here’s our first warbling virio (Vireo gilvus) of the season.


Finally, here’s another rose-breasted grosbeak who was too busy stuffing his beak and singing his song to show his beautiful rose breast.


Lastly, after my walk in the park, I took a bike ride north on the Oak Leaf Trail, and look who I found.


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