Travel Day

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m traveling today and didn’t get a chance to visit Estabrook before I left. I’ve arrived in Connecticut safely and hope to look for some pretty pictures tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are some recent leftovers, mostly from yesterday, but not all.

Here’s another chestnut-sided warbler singing his little heart out.


A Cooper’s hawk in a tree over the northern island.


Down on the water below the hawk, a hybrid-looking mallard, or a mallard-looking hybrid, perhaps with a Duclair duck, based on that white bib. I read that “the Duclair duck is an excellent forager and are able to fend for themselves in the wild,” so that fits.


A Blackburnian warbler.


A yellow-rumped warbler, and yes, they are still around.


That cedar waxwing in the apple tree again, and this time with its beak on a petal.


Another look at the Swainson’s thrush from Monday.


Finally, a close-up of a couple of those gangly tweener goslings on the river from yesterday. Reminds me of a story, but that was about a swan cygnet. Maybe Mr. Andersen hadn’t seen a Canada goose gosling.


The forecast here looks good for tomorrow morning, if cold for mid-May at 34°F, but the winds should be 0 (zero!) mph, so not much wind chill to speak off. Wish me luck!

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