If it’s Sunday, it’s The Estabrook Park Report

There was a lot of action this morning, but I don’t have much to show for it. Both Canada geese were off the pond honking at some other geese when I arrived. The exposed nest looked empty, but I can’t say for sure. The nesting pair did return, and one of them did climb back up on the nest after some more extended honking between them.

The belted kingfisher was back a couple of times, but never settled down long enough for me to get a shot. A red-winged blackbird, which are usually quite bold, in my experience, was quite shy this morning. There is now a big school of carp, some of whom are orange, that I see regularly. I’ve seen one frog in the water, and heard there is also a snapping turtle, which I have not yet seen.

My one okay picture is of a red-tailed hawk causing a bunch of ducks make about as much noise as the geese usually do. They quieted right down as soon as he flew off.

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