The Estabrook Park Report, Saturday Edition

There were new birds on the pond this morning! Woo hoo.

Besides the usual cast of characters, the nesting pair of Canada geese, the fraternity of bachelor mallards, the pairs of wood ducks, the solo male red-breasted merganser, and the solo pied-billed grebe (who caught a fish again this morning, I honestly don’t know where it puts them all), this morning we were treated to the additional head feather stylings of a female hooded merganser and a non-breeding male hooded merganser. They pretty much stuck together and flitted back and forth across the pond a few times.

The female is in back with black eyes and a yellow bill, the immature male is in front with yellow eyes, a black bill, and a hint of white in his hood that he will show off when he matures. I don’t yet know if this is some sort of “robbing the cradle” situation or more of an “oedipus complex” situation. Perhaps time will tell.

Meanwhile, I heard and spotted, but could not catch on “film” what appears, for all the world, to be a Belted Kingfisher. I hope to see more of him in the coming days.

Finally, I stopped by Chet’s duplex, but there was still no sign of him. I’m no structural engineering, but I can spout enough malarky with authority to play on on the TV, and my bet is that the upper unit leaked into the lower unit, and every female who took the time to look spotted this right away. Better luck next time, Chet.

Lastly, the Glory-of-the-Snow are blossoming

As always, I try to curate the best pictures on flickr at

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