The Estabrook Park Report, Tuesday Edition

It started out slow, with just a couple of mallards and the pair of geese, and I was just about to move on, when a couple with an energetic dog off its leash came by. The dog may a beeline for the shore and immediately attracted the attention of the goose. Soon after, though, it spooked a couple pairs of wood ducks that I am almost positive were roosting on a tree branch over the pond, based on the trajectory they took across the pond. Man, that would have been an awesome shot! I’ll have to check for that first thing from now on.

After all that excitement, I spotted the pied-billed grebe, fishing as always.
At last, the belted kingfisher showed up, and she must finally have been hungry enough to hang around a bit. She flew between a few trees before diving into the water for breakfast. Here’s a picture of her, from across the pond, on a branch with a fish in her beak just before she popped it into her gullet. Woo Hoo!

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