Hump Day at Estabrook Park

Big day at the park this morning, but nothing too exciting at the pond:

  1. It was very foggy and very still.
  2. The mergansers appear to have all moved on.
  3. The pair of canada geese might still have eggs in the nest after all.
  4. The 3 pairs of wood ducks and 3 mallard bachelors are still hanging around.
  5. The pied-billed grebe and the belted kingfisher both caught fish this morning.
  6. The Narcissus blossoms are finally opening, and the daffodils are right behind them.

The really big news, however, is from further west, along the Milwaukee River, and it is very exciting!


Just as I had nearly given up all hope, I spotted a little head and beak poking out of the lower level.He must have really expanded the inside, because he had receded completely out of sight when SHE SHOWED UP TO LOOK INSIDE!She hung out for a minute or so, and then she flew off. Soon after, he came out to make a couple of calls before also flying off IN THE SAME DIRECTION!That’s all we know at this point, but I will definitely keep you posted as further developments develop further!

Note his full head of red feathers, left and right, and her patch of white feathers on top, in the middle.

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