Snow flurries in Estabrook

I’m sure you will all be relieved to hear that the kids are still alright. 11 goslings with 4 adults were making the best of a cold morning by the pond. Luckily, the sun was out a bit.
I heard much less singing today, although the gray catbird on the Oakleaf Trail did give a nice little concert and then even posed for me to take this picture.

The real surprise guest this morning, however, is this little guy, a “blue-gray gnatcatcher“. Seriously, I can’t make these names up.

He was busy flitting from branch to branch, hunting gnats I can only suppose, while singing his soft little song. This image was the best I could do in a dozen tries. I read he winters in Mexico and along the gulf coast and is now at about the north edge of his breeding range. This morning he might be wondering if he might have arrived about a week too soon. Well, welcome to May along the shores of Lake Michigan, Buddy.
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