Frost in the Park (and I’ve got the pictures to prove it)

I’ll spare you pictures of frost and get right to the interesting change afoot at the pond. When I arrived this morning, nine goslings were napping in one group with one set of parents, and two goslings were in a distinctly separate group with a second set of parents, instead of the usual eight and three. I was immediately worried, as some of you must be too, that maybe someone had had a rough night and didn’t want to, or worse, couldn’t get up in the morning. I am as relieved to report, however, as you all must be to read, that a little later all eleven goslings were up and about and all seemed to be eating just fine. It appears that one just wanted more than two siblings and so jumped ship. I even suspect that I observed one of the nine getting picked on a little by its new siblings, but it was minor and lasted only a few seconds before everyone got back to munching on the grass. I’ll bring you updates as soon as they arrive.
Meanwhile, say hello to Mrs. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. Note the lack of a prominent, v-shaped, monobrow, compared to a blurry picture I took of the guy she was with.

I think there’s an “Angry Birds” character based on him.
Finally, mushrooms are up. I know everyone has been wondering when that day would come, because people keep asking me on the Oakleaf Trail if I’m looking for mushrooms, and at last, that day has finally arrived.
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