Happy Days!

Happy Summer, everybody! I hope you all survived your raucous Solstice parties unscathed, or at least barely scathed.

Oh! And Happy Fathers’ to all the dads out there, including mine! I hope you are all enjoying your new neckties as much as our painted turtle buddy from Friday. You can just see the pride in his eye, right? Maybe his tie is on backwards after his own raucous Solstice party.

painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) with a striped leech on the back of its neck

Meanwhile, this little cutie approached me almost like a timid puppy. She walked up to within about 5 feet of me, and the reason her head is a little blurry, besides just my bad photography, is that she was bobbing it slightly as if trying to figure out if I was friend or foe. I gotta start carrying some deer treats in my pocket for situations like this.

I know we haven’t seen as many birds as we used to. First, the trees now have leaves, and second, I suspect their behavior has changed some as the mating season progresses. Nevertheless, this little house wren, which I first managed to photograph back in May, was distracted enough by his singing duties in the oak tree over the wren house, that I was able to capture one more presentable image.

Finally, I spotted a family of Canada geese out enjoying a family bath on a sandbar in the river. There appear to be 4 goslings, so Lord only knows how they might be related to the ones we all got to know and love on the pond, if at all.

Man, what a difference 57 days makes, eh?

Lastly, I think I have managed to set up a way for you all to vote on which pictures to include in our fundraising calendar. Just head on over to the pictures page and make your voice heard.

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