Not much color today…

First things first, I gotta apologize for misidentifying yesterdays newcomer to the pond.

After I gave it what I thought was my best shot and pressed the “publish” button, the decision still gnawed at me, and I dug even deeper, which led me to a nice page published by “The Wildlife Trusts” on “How to Identify Dabbling Ducks“. That’s where I found a match for the missing detail of “the small white speculum on the wing”, which makes her a female gadwall (Mareca strepera), not a female American black duck, which I now read has a purple speculum. Live and learn, we hope, right?

Anyway, she’s just got just a little further north to go along the lake shore to the eastern Wisconsin patch of her breeding grounds.

While I was trying so hard to get a better picture of our elusive little guest, the Canada geese came over, perhaps to see if I had anything to eat.

I read that we should not feed the waterfowl because it is bad for them, but I see signs from time-to-time of folks who just can help themselves, and I think the geese have been conditioned to expect a treat when someone approaches the shore with a bag in their hand.

There was nothing new on the river that I could see. I spotted the grebe again, but my picture was even worse than last time, so I’ll spare you.

On my way back up the bluff, I spotted our deer quartet, whom we haven’t seen in weeks, in the very spot where I first stumbled upon park deer almost a year ago. They were pretty deep in the brush, so I only have presentable images of one of them, who clearly found me so threatening, that she had to lie down.

She was able to continuing chewing, thankfully.

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