Some flowers are loving these April showers…

It was a super quiet morning in the park, with hardly any people and hardly any critters. The most exciting new find is by my colleague, Mike from Riverwest, who posts his pictures on instagram under “ByThePushOfAButton“. We met for the first time yesterday afternoon as I made my way south on the east sideContinue reading “Some flowers are loving these April showers…”

The parade won’t stop, can’t stop…

On this beautiful day in April, we’ve got something for everyone. Like pictures of cute little birds, especially ones we haven’t seen before? Here you go! Check out this little winter wren (Troglodytes hiemalis), cousin to the house wren we saw by the pond last summer, on its way to its breeding grounds just upstate.Continue reading “The parade won’t stop, can’t stop…”

Are we skipping spring this year?

Wow! It sure felt like summer out this morning, and the critters in the park didn’t seem to mind, but sometimes I find them inscrutable, so who knows? Anyway, the belted kingfishers are out in force now, and this guy got super excited when he spotted another kingfisher. I don’t know if this display meansContinue reading “Are we skipping spring this year?”

April starts off with a bang! Wow!

What an absolutely magical afternoon in the park. Holy mackerel! Off the bluff, beside the river, the cool breeze from the lake was gone, the sun was warm and bright, the sky was deep blue, and the birds were everywhere! I encountered several groups of golden-crowned kinglets (Regulus satrapa), incessantly hopping from branch to branchContinue reading “April starts off with a bang! Wow!”