The pendulum swings the other way…

Brrr. It was colder than it looked this morning, and I should have checked the “real feel” temperature before heading out. My hands are still pretty stiff from the cold as I try to type this.

Anyway, it seemed as though the big animals saw my post yesterday and took offense or took pity on me. Either way, they were about all I saw today.

Right off the bat, as I crossed the parkway on my way to the river, I spotted this deer, among the biggest mammals in the park, just resting on the grass by the edge of the woods. I read that our bucks shed their antlers “around January,” so she’s likely a doe.

On the river, I saw our pair of buffleheads again, foraging this time, and a few mallards, but the best pose of the morning came from this herring gull just below the falls.

On my way back south, I was pleasantly surprised to find our blue heron, certainly the biggest wading bird, if not the biggest bird overall, intently fishing just below the abandoned bridge abutments.

And that’s about it for the critters. It was a pretty quiet morning. To round things out instead, since we still don’t have a snow cover, here are some pretty maple leaves frozen in the ice.

I see the forecast is for snow on Saturday, and I for one am looking forward to that change of scenery. Keep your fingers crossed!

Published by Andrew Dressel

Theoretical and Applied Bicycle Mechanic, and now, apparently, Amateur Naturalist. In any case, my day job is teaching mechanics at UWM.

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