Just waiting for the snow to arrive…

The exciting news is that we have new arrivals in the park again, this time a foursome of female common mergansers, the likes of which we haven’t seen since March. Here are the two that swam closest together.

Meanwhile, the mallards continue going about their business and achieved some nice duck density in this image.

Our two “love birds”, the pair of red-tailed hawks, appear to be together enough to perch in the same tree, which is still an unusual sight for me.

Finally, another blue bird has stopped in or one of the trio from a couple of weeks ago hasn’t moved on yet. Either way, a pretty sight to see, eh?

Lastly, this recent cold snap has created some interesting kinetic sculptures on the river.

Here’s a perfect little disk slowly spinning in place right below the falls.

Published by Andrew Dressel

Theoretical and Applied Bicycle Mechanic, and now, apparently, Amateur Naturalist. In any case, my day job is teaching mechanics at UWM.

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