Happy Holidays!

I had a breakfast to get to this morning, but I managed to sneak into Estabrook for a couple of hours first anyway, and the pink moon was still up in the west as I stepped across the Oak Leaf Trail.

Thankfully, the critters were not taking the holiday off, and I was soon greeted by the actual Easter Bunny.

At the river, I spotted two great blue herons on the river, for the first time this season I believe, and here’s one of them.

The robin we saw working on her nest yesterday was at it again this morning.

The wood ducks on the pond were especially friendly.

This hen even came up on the west lawn as I sat on the bench.

Perhaps because of the special day, this crow allowed me to get a lot closer than usual.

This male northern flicker followed the lead of cardinals, robins, and hermit thrushes before him and sampled the staghorn sumac.

He seemed to like it.

One killdeer was back on the lawn.

Despite the killdeer, there were four real deer also up on the lawn

One of whom appears to be going through some things this spring. Check his forehead.

Finally, after I left and was enjoying the breakfast buffet, I received word from Ms Szablewski at Friends of Estabrook Park that she spotted two screech owls in the park, “one red and one grey”. Perhaps they’re our pair from Cambridge Woods, and I hope I get the chance to get a picture of them in Estabrook soon.

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