Look who the warm air blew in…

It was cloudy again before class this morning, so I opted to wait until I got back home to visit Estabrook, when the forecast was for clear skies and temps in the 60s, and that forecast did not disappoint!

Perhaps it was the warm weather and high winds that brought us a surprise visitor way ahead of schedule. This picture is nowhere near as nice as the one I got last June, but I’m pretty sure it is good enough to identify our first common green darner (Anax junius) aka “Lord of June dragonfly”. As I wrote last May, the Pedia of Wik reports that they are “well known for [their] great migration distance from the northern United States south into Texas and Mexico.”

Other critters enticed out into the bright light of day by the warm sun are these turtles on the pond, and they both look like painted turtles.

As does this little one, too.

If you’ve been outside today, you may have noticed the bugs in the air, and even if you haven’t, this yellow-rumped warbler by the pond sure has.

The wood ducks were also up and about at the pond, and this drake appears to be wondering if I brought it any snacks. Sorry, little dude.

There were a lot of raptors in the air this afternoon, and I counted three turkey vultures, one red-tailed hawk, and one Cooper’s hawk, but the only picture I managed to capture is of this young bald eagle.

Closer to the ground, this red squirrel was having its lunch.

Even lower, I found a fox sparrow. A couple of weeks ago, they were ubiquitous, but now they’ve mostly moved on, and I hardly see them anymore.

Finally, back on the ground, there are more flowers up. First is this daffodil by the pond.

And last are these violets in the lawn beside the maintenance building.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get to see something tomorrow morning before the showers roll back in.

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Theoretical and Applied Bicycle Mechanic, and now, apparently, Amateur Naturalist. In any case, my day job is teaching mechanics at UWM.

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