Still cold, but a bit of sun, and no snow!

There is now enough of a time window for me to sneak into Estabrook for a quick visit before school, we even had a little bit of sun this morning, and that sure lit up the pond water nicely around this dapper, red-breasted merganser drake. Poor guy. All that beautiful plumage and no one toContinue reading “Still cold, but a bit of sun, and no snow!”

Something new and something old…

Although this morning was gorgeous, I couldn’t get to Estabrook until almost lunchtime today. Happily, there were still all kinds of sights to see, and I’d like to lead you off with the newest arrival at the pond, Mrs. Red-winged Blackbird, here to see what the boys have been up to while she was away.Continue reading “Something new and something old…”