Making do with the skies we’ve got.

The forecast showers never materialized this morning, so I had a nice, if cool and dark, visit to Estabrook Park. The big news is that Baltimore orioles, or at least this one triumphant male, announcing his presence from the treetops along the river (specifically the longer song that starts at 1:00, right after the blue jay), have finally arrived from their “wintering grounds in Florida, the Caribbean, Central America, [or] the northern tip of South America.” Yay!

The six goslings on the pond are still doing fine, but didn’t make a nicer picture today than this one from yesterday.

On my way back to the river, I came across this palm warbler who seemed content to just sit and enjoy the morning for a while. That’s the easiest warbler picture I’ve ever taken.

Back at the river, I was thrilled to find our resident great horned owl taking its nap out in the open for a change.

The five river goslings we first saw yesterday were still doing fine this morning, along with their mom and dad. Oddly, they are attracting quite a crowd of other geese, whom Dad valiantly keeps at bay.

At the north end, we had another visitor, a merlin this time, and it had no patience with me at all.

Meanwhile, a couple more mammals must have heard about yesterday and wanted in on the act. The first is this beautiful red squirrel.

And this raccoon didn’t exactly clamor to be photographed, but I couldn’t resist those fuzzy ears and kept real quiet to let it sleep.

Lastly, this doe seemed to be wondering where all the young bucks have gone. They were right here just yesterday.

I see nothing but clear skies in the forecast for tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed that we get some pictures with pretty blue backgrounds for a change.

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