A change in the weather for the better!

It truly was a beautiful morning in Estabrook Park. The temps were mild and rising, the wind was light, and the sky was crystal blue. The mammals, who have been so active recently, appeared to be taking the weekend off, but the birds were as busy as ever.

On my way north along the river, I was happy to see this tree swallow checking out some nesting cavities on our side of the river.

I had watched this northern flicker excavating one in the same location on Thursday.

Just a bit further north, I came across both of the river geese families that I know about. First the family with just one gosling.

And then the family with five goslings.

Then I hiked over to the pond and found the black-crowned night heron that has become the latest “it bird” in Estabrook. I wonder if it’s one of the birds we saw along the river a few weeks ago and back for pond fish this time.

I also found this blue-gray gnatcatcher and managed to capture an image with both of his magnificent brows.

The geese and goslings on the pond were doing just fine and already attracting a crowd, so I headed back to the river and found yet another wood duck up in a tree.

And as I was trying to get a wood duck picture, this aptly-named song sparrow launched into its song right behind me.

Finally, at the north end, I did not see the prairie warbler today, but I did see this equally beautiful yellow warbler instead.

On my way back south, I saw plenty more birds, but didn’t manage to capture any more post-worthy images. Instead, I’ll leave you with this white trout lily blossom (Erythronium albidum). They’re starting to open throughout the park now.

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