Back to the regulars…

This morning was just as wonderful as yesterday, but I didn’t have as much time, and those rascally warblers were too busy filling up on fine Wisconsin bugs for me to get any pictures today. Instead, we’ll have to make do with the old tried-and-true, and first up is one of the two green herons hunting on the pond. Perhaps they were hoping to get a taste of some of that toad-a-palooza that’s been going on.

At the river, our great horned owl was both “out” and “up” but looking pretty sleepy.

At the north end, it appears that we have yet one more batch of goslings, on the east side this time, and here they are huddle around Mom as Dad gives me a stern look.

Here’s one of the little pipsqueaks checking me out, too.

On my way back south, this white-breasted nuthatch must have had Madonna on its mind because it sure was striking some poses.

As I neared the south end, I spotted a butterfly, probably just a cabbage white, but still it would have been my first butterfly picture of the year, and as I watched in hopes that it would find what it was searching for and settle down, look who I happened to notice across the parkway enjoying a nice fresh salad.

I crossed over to their side, and they mostly ignored me until I knelt down for a nicer picture. Then the younger one, on the right above, became fascinated by me, put its sensors of “full” and slowly approached. I will never tire of that.

Finally, as I was crossing the Oak Leaf Trail out of the park, a gray catbird, who seem to be everywhere now, paid me no never-mind and just kept singing its amazing song. (If you haven’t listened yet, do yourself a favor and give it a try.)

Lastly, here’s an image that I left out yesterday. I think these might be Mica Cap Mushroom (Coprinellus truncorum), but DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!

I see the forecast for tomorrow morning is picture perfect, and I should have plenty of time, so let’s hope some of the warblers are still around and in the mood for pictures.

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