Good starts, both early and red.

Anne wanted to go for a bike ride early this morning, to beat the heat and traffic, so we both got up at 4:30 and were out the door at 5:30. Sweet! The weather was perfect again, and I had the park to myself for a while. This little cutie seemed to wonder what the heck I was doing there so early.

I soon became worried, however, that all the warblers had already continued their journey north, but I was happy and relieved to discover instead that perhaps they were just waiting for the sun to warm things up a bit. In the meantime, here’s a green heron already fishing on the pond.

Once the warblers did wake up, I saw my very first blackpoll warbler ever today, two of them, in fact, but I failed both times to get a picture. Sorry about that. Instead, here’s a female American redstart taking a bath in a tiny puddle right in the middle of the river path.

As I was trying to get a picture of her drying off on a nearby branch, look who else showed up: another scarlet tanager!

And a tree swallow perched for a moment in the sun right across the river.

Farther south along the river, a male American redstart posed for his portrait.

Which do you think is his better side? Left, or right?

Finally, the bumblebees are back at work, and here’s one on a white violet blossom. Thanks to everyone participating in No Mow May, Lois! Your lack of effort may be paying off already!

If only we could convince Milwaukee County Parks to join in the fun, but they were already mowing the wildflower meadow at the north end at 8am this morning. 😦

Anyway, I’ve been seeing butterflies lately, and yesterday evening I finally managed to catch one sitting down, if only with my phone, and here it is, a mourning cloak fresh out of hibernation.

Welp, I’m off to Connecticut this afternoon for a few days to see my folks before I depart for Delft, but I’ll bring my camera, and I hear a hike is already in the plans, so here’s hoping I can find something pretty to show you. It has happened before.

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