Easter at Estabrook Park, part two (NSFW)

Oh yeah! I completely forgot to mention that I spotted the amazing activity pictured below on the lawn sloping down to the pond this morning … At first, I thought it was just a weird version of those gummy-worm-type fishing lures (pictured below) because I was already bending down to pick up a couple of fish hooks, whichContinue reading “Easter at Estabrook Park, part two (NSFW)”

The Estabrook Park Report, Saturday Edition

There were new birds on the pond this morning! Woo hoo. Besides the usual cast of characters, the nesting pair of Canada geese, the fraternity of bachelor mallards, the pairs of wood ducks, the solo male red-breasted merganser, and the solo pied-billed grebe (who caught a fish again this morning, I honestly don’t know whereContinue reading “The Estabrook Park Report, Saturday Edition”